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Case Studies

Project:   Legislative Information Management Systems (LIMS) - http://lims.dccouncil.us 
Client:   Council of the District of Columbia

DataNet worked with the Council of the District of Columbia to replace a legacy Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) that was insufficient in terms of usability, user experience, functionality, performance, workflow and security. The DataNet Project Manager and team gathered requirements, translated workflows, performed analysis and developed a new system that exceeded customer expectations.  DataNet implemented LIMS on a Microsoft .Net and MS SQL server platform that integrates with the Granicus Audio/Video system, the Expressions Engine CMS platform, and the Microsoft Sharepoint collaboration and workflow platform. It successfully replaced the Symbiont LIMS 1& 2 and the Obverse LIMS. The end result is a fully featured, functional and a secure LIMS with a user-friendly interface powered by a smart backend workflow system that is usable by all stakeholders.  

Project:   Next Generation Website Redesign for Washington.org
Client:   Destination DC (Formerly WCTC)
Description:   DataNet designed a "new-generation" website that included rich media content on a commercial grade Content Management System (CMS), integrated to the ARES reservation system, D3000 customer relationship management system, and the Map Network maps of Washington, DC. The website also includes Web 2.0 capabilities that include user generated contents and some desktop applications for marketing and campaigns to make the site "sticky" for visitors and create online communities.
Project:   Website Portal and Online Voter Registration System
Client:   DC Board of Election and Ethics
Description:   DataNet provided the design, development, testing, and hosting of the website portal integrated with web-based application modules for the DC Board of Election and Ethics (DCBOEE). This is a standards based website portal which seamlessly integrates various application modules.
Project:   Web Portal and Electronic Reporting & Filing System
Client:   DC Office of Campaign Finance
Description:   DataNet Systems Corporation was awarded this contract to develop a website portal integrated with web-based application modules for the DC Office of Campaign and Finance (DCOCF). The website portal seamlessly integrates various applications such as electronic filing and reporting system; document scanning, indexing, and retrieval system; and online report publishing system.
Project:   Website and e-Docket Filing System
Client:   DC Public Service Commission
Description:   DataNet developed and deployed a web portal that seamlessly transitioned and integrated the Commission's business model with the website - an e-Business model, in line with the District of Columbia Government's vision of retooling current business model effectively for the e-Government business arena.




Department of Education - IPEDS DataNet overhauled the IPEDS website to increase site usability

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