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EcoLayers offers a solution on a web-based software platform that allows customers to manage environmental resources as functional assets, and enables the integration of these different environmental asset classes at different geographic scales through content aggregation, data analysis, process integration, stakeholder collaboration, modeling, workflows, asset management, and reporting.
EcoLayers has performed on 25 projects covering a wide range of customers and applications, including the California Water Board – San Diego Region, the California State Water Quality Regulatory Agency, the US Forest Service, the World Bank, Water Districts, Municipalities, NGOs, and others. 

Examples of the application of the EcoLayers platform include:
  • An enterprise or regional portal for permission-based content aggregation, sharing and collaboration involving all relevant stakeholders, including the public
  • Environment management
  • Urban sustainability
  • Watershed management
  • Monitoring and managing water quality for improved beneficial use of water bodies, e.g., rivers, lakes, aquifers
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting, e.g., stormwater, and beyond to improve effectiveness of outcomes
  • Improving sustainability of shared resources (watersheds, lakes, aquifers)
  • Lower cost, time, and liability exposure for permitting of infrastructure projects
  • Local water resources optimization
  • Long term planning, research, and litigation support
  • Planning and tracking of mitigation programs

Tree AM – Tree Asset Manager

Tree Asset Manager (TreeAM) is a suite of web-based and off-line software tools built upon the EcoLayers platform for the specialized purpose of life-cycle management of individual trees as appreciating environmental assets.  Some of the customers of TreeAM include consulting arborists, municipalities, university and commercial campuses, power utilities, right-of-way owners/operators, HOAs, and landscape architects. 

TreeAM’s features:
  • Online data and map-based access to all tree inventories, maintenance status, scheduling, analysis, and reporting
  • Hand-held field device (tablet) that can function in online or offline modes for inventory, inspections, risk assessments, appraisals, issuing service requests, and completing jobs
  • Quick and easy set-up through numerous modes of data entry, Excel import or interfacing with existing GIS servers
  • Comprehensive customer reporting capabilities
  • Customizable workflows and approval process
  • Long-term planning and budgeting




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