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DataNet Launches Destination DC's Next Generation Website

DataNet Systems Corp., a boutique IT services firm specializing in web development, launched the new www.washington.org, the "Next Generation" website of Destination DC (formerly known as the Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation), a private non-profit corporation that was established to market Washington, DC as a destination site for tourists, conventions, and special events.

For this project, DataNet partnered with the Pappas Group of McLean, VA to provide DDC with a vibrant, consumer-facing portal that would meet DDC’s key goals for their website: incorporation of their new brand, a “WOW” factor, and Web 2.0 components. While Pappas worked with DDC’s Agency of Record to create a user interface that embodied the new brand, DataNet worked with various DDC third party tools, including their CRM, to integrate those into the new website. To build the site, DataNet worked on an open-source platform and ingeniously expanded the capabilities of a DDC-selected Web Content Management System to meet the complex requirements of the user interface designed by Pappas. Some highlights of DataNet’s work on the final website include:

  • Creation of a custom-designed events calendar that pulled data from two different databases
  • Manipulation of a standard two-column CMS template into a multi-component UI with image boxes, banners, and scattered text boxes
  • Custom development of Web 2.0 tools such as the Itinerary Builder and DC Insider
Overall, DataNet worked around the clock to meet the requirements of its partners as well as those of DDC and its vendors with the ultimate goal of delivering a product and service that met the client's needs.





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