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Over the past several years DataNet's project teams have built a reputation for bringing winning results to challenging environments. We have dedicated ourselves to providing effective & practical solutions, and robust technology to be able to deliver round the clock.

We see our key strength being the combination of passionate design principles with the depth of knowledge as a consultancy, offering unparalleled services at a great value.

There is a distinctive set of requirements for every project embarked on by DataNet's teams. We identify, manage and implement those requirements through a focused production timetable, ensuring that your application or solution is tested to drive your business or organization into the future.

Information Technology Solutions:
DataNet has the ability to create stand-alone software applications but prides itself on creating applications integrated with anything from a database-driven back end to a web-based front end application. We realize that our clients need solutions based on what's important -- their current workflow processes, technology constraints, and individual needs. We offer the following services as part of our Information Technology Suite:

Health Care Solutions:
In today's health sector market, there is a great demand for health care solutions but a lack of quality health care professionals. Several managed-care companies lack sufficient trained in-house staff to handle an ever-increasing amount of paper work. In this fast-paced market place, Healthcare industry providers are often under pressure to integrate data across the entire continuum of care while improving workflow processes and building patient loyalty. We offer the following services as part of our Healthcare Solutions Suite:





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