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Urgent Care Centers

With its healthcare and IT expertise, DataNet has partnered with other healthcare experts to form urgent care centers (UCC). The need for UCC's has come from the overburdening of emergency departments (ED) in the U.S. With increasing healthcare costs, growing and aging populations, and decreasing sources of healthcare funding, healthcare demands in ED's continue to rise. Though ED's will continue to play a role in the U.S. healthcare system, the UCC's will fill a niche in emergency care by becoming an extension of larger physician practices, provide physicians with clinical and IT tools to streamline their process of care, and remove the excess costs and waste associated with overburdened ED's.

DataNet's role in the UCC's is to bring its blend of healthcare and IT expertise to add to the current functions of the UCC. Some services may include:

  • Implementation of DataNet Partner EMR's in UCC physician offices
  • Creation of web-based applications to ease patient and provider communication
  • Configuration of UCC hardware and computer systems
  • Implementation of workflow and knowledge management systems to control the flow of information

DataNet's vision is to create state-of-the-art urgent care systems that will help to alleviate the pains of the overall U.S. healthcare system. DataNet will work with its growing network of partners to implement the best possible healthcare IT solutions in UCC's.





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