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Electronic Knowledge Management

With the advent of many new mediums of communication, ideas get lost but DataNet seeks to innovate and help organizations capture their knowledge.

Similar to DataNet's ECM, the Electronic Knowledge Management Solution (EKM) strives to build on the ECM by capturing knowledge, not actual hard content, that may typically get lost in an organization. This type of solution helps an organization to become more savvy because they are avoiding the pitfalls of knowledge loss such as: excess time spent on finding information, locating a subject matter expert in the organization, or duplicating efforts.

DataNet realizes that these solutions are available on a large scale but have a high cost of ownership. DataNet and its partners realize that not every organization may have the luxury of large budgets but needs the benefits of an EKM. Thus, DataNet and its partners have an EKM with a low total cost of ownership that makes it more realistic for small to medium size organizations to implement EKMs.

The EKM proposed by DataNet provides the following functions:

  • Classification of an organization's knowledge using a knowledge map
  • Creation of corporate and individual knowledge repositories
  • Capture of ideas and communication in discussion forums, chat sessions, live meetings, and interactive polls
  • Creation of knowledge repositories for specific projects or practices for quick reference in the future

Overall, what DataNet hopes to do for its clients is to build on this new wave of technology as it has done for the past 20+ years and eventually exceed client expectations by reducing overall cost of operations and enhancing employee and organizational productivity.



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