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Web Services

DataNet works with organizations to enhance their web presence by using a variety of innovative web techniques.

Web Design, Development and Maintenance
Build a website that enhances your web presence and can enable your organization to do so much more using DataNet's other web services. Create a customer-centric website with DataNet's:
  • Web Consulting - Discovery, As-Is Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Initial Design Recommendations, and Project Management
  • Graphic and User Interface Design
  • Template Development
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance and Support Services

Web-Enabled Application Development
Leverage the power of your website to create custom-designed systems to meet your business needs. Achieve this with DataNet's:
  • e-Government portal development
  • Off-site hosting
  • Electronic commerce systems
  • Electronic data filing systems
  • Database development

Section 508 Testing and Compliance
Ensure that your website meets the Section 508 standards of the government's American Disabilities Act. Achieve this with DataNet's:
  • HTML validation and standards based testing
  • Validation of all content including but not limited to: HTML, XHTML, SVG, XML and any other test or element based content
  • Tools: Bobby, W3C Validators, Lift for Dreamweaver
  • Best practices in coding: XHTML/CSS

Web Analytics and Reporting Tools
Provide value to your organization by analyzing user behavior and catering to your visitor segments. DataNet's use of tools such as WebTrends and Crystal Reports will help you:
  • Gain statistical analysis on geographic information of visitors (IP), page views, visitor sessions, etc.
  • Reports based on complex manipulations of data, summaries, and running totals
  • Reports such as graphs and charts, crosstab summaries, grouped data, and sub reports

DataNet frequently partners with other companies to provide tailored services to clients. Partners may provide niche services in:
  • Web branding
  • Usability engineering
  • Multimedia development
  • Web-based workflow systems
  • Web content management systems





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