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Who We Serve

DataNet serves its clients by working hand-in-hand with them to meet their needs and transform their business processes to take them to the next level of technology. We are proud to be serving our clients listed below.

Federal Government
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Health and Human Services

State and Local
  • DC Office of Campaign Finance
  • DC Board of Elections and Ethics
  • DC Public Service Commission
  • DC Department of Employment Services
  • DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer
  • DC Department of Human Services
  • DC Department of Health
  • DC Department of Corrections
  • DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services
  • DC Office of Personnel - Center for Workforce Development
  • DC Office of the Inspector General
  • DC Child Support Enforcement Division
  • Destination DC (formerly known as Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation)
  • Prince George's County District Courthouse
  • Prince George's County Public School System

  • Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
  • Chartered Health Plan
  • Quality Plan Administrators
  • Avalon Technology





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